Re-Imagining Space: Stony Brook English Graduate Student Conference

February 28, 2020

Keynote Abstract

Professor Lisa Duggan, NYU

Up Against “The Wall”: Intersectional Organizing Against the Global Right

As right wing “populist” mobilizations across Europe and the Americas meet with electoral success, feminist and queer scholars and organizers are meeting the challenge of creating a fully intersectional analysis and opposition. The global right connects economic and cultural politics, and makes appeals based on class, race, nationality, religion, gender and sexuality in a horrific stew of fear and power mongering.  Any effective resistance must make the same connections.  This lecture outlines some of the scholarship and organizing designed to meet this challenge–bringing together the work of and about sex workers, migrants, the targets of brutal policing and incarceration, transgender advocates, indigenous environmental activists, domestic workers and so many others.  How can we develop analyses and strategies to confront the impact of neoliberal policies and right wing nationalist attacks?  What can we learn from our failures and frustrations as we confront the next decade? This is both an intellectual and political challenge we cannot avoid, if we don’t want to be Trumped.


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